ARCOM has worked with us to make specific edits to MasterSpec Sections creating a document that is designed to help engineers or architects easily specify our products on their projects.

Lead free products

Our Valves have always conformed to Federal and State lead level requirements. Now, that new lead reduction initiatives have taken effect, Apollo® Valves is committed to providing our customers with Lead Free alternatives for valves intended for potable water service.

Valves and fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions are no laughing matter, and valves are usually the culprit. Even if they don't get you into trouble with your neighbors or the EPA, they could prove costly. We'll explain the problem so you know whether you're at risk, and we'll discuss what to do if you are. Valv...

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Four functions of valves

From manufacturing equipment to chemicals processing, and within every home and business that receives natural gas, electricity, and drinking water, valves are the nuts and bolts of piping systems that provide for the flow of liquids, gases, or granulated solids. The human heart employs a type of m...

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